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High-Quality Car Alarms in Denton, TX

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Keep your vehicle safe with high-quality car alarms in Denton, TX, from FlexShield. We sell and install car alarms and security systems for vehicles of all kinds.

The Latest Technologies

The days of malfunctioning car alarms waking up the neighbors are gone. Modern technologies prevent accidental triggering while giving you powerful new features, such as the ability to receive alerts up to two miles away if your car is being tampered with. Other features include:

  • Remotely Monitor Vehicle
  • 1-Way or 2-Way Remotes
  • Remotes with LCD Screens
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Mobile App Notifications
  • Code Scrambling
  • And Much More

Built-In Safety Features

Protecting your vehicle is just the beginning. Modern alarm systems have built-in safety features, such as long-range activation. This feature allows you to activate the alarm remotely to attract attention and bring help to the area.

High-Quality Car Alarms and Remote Start Systems | Compustar Drone Security

Quick-Start Remote Start Systems

Looking to install remote start in Denton, TX? Quick-start remote starter systems are ideal for the weather extremes we experience here in North Texas. A remote starter system lets you start your heater or air conditioner before you enter your car. Plus, a remote car starter can save you time, as you can activate it from inside your home while you're getting ready to leave.

Installation by Professionals

Installing a car alarm requires specialized training and equipment. Leave it to the pros at FlexShield. Whether you bought your system from us or another business, we offer complete installation services at affordable rates. Contact us at (940) 220-6777 today to schedule the install of your new car alarm, remote start system, or get more information about our other services, including paintless dent repair in Denton, TX.