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High-End Auto Tinting at Fair Prices

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Improve your driving experience with auto tinting by FlexShield. We sell and install cutting-edge automotive window film from the industry's most trusted manufacturers. Tinted windows do more than make your car look cool — they reduce glare, prevent scratches, increase security, and much more. Contact us today to discover the benefits.

Protect Your Car

You invested a lot of money in your vehicle — protect that investment with auto tinting and paint protection. We offer a wide range of products that are designed to keep your vehicle in mint condition, including XPEL Ultimate, the industry's leading paint protection film.

A More Comfortable Drive

Window tinting makes your car safer and more comfortable. Our tinted films prevent glare on your windshield, reduce heat build-up inside your car, and block 99% of UV rays. They also feature shatter- and scratch-resistant coatings, which provide peace of mind on the road. Stop by our showroom to discover the shades, colors, and styles we have in stock.

Before Auto Tint

After Auto Tint

Lifetime Warranty

Our shop has established a reputation for providing world-class customer care and workmanship at highly competitive prices. Your tint should never purple, fade, peel, bubble, or crack. Every film comes with a lifetime warranty, so if anything goes wrong we'll replace it free of charge.

Madico Automotive Window Films

We are proud to offer Madico Automotive Window Films. This company is at the pinnacle of tint technology. You won't find better automotive window film anywhere else. Check out the three lines of film we carry:

Sun Gard Shadow

Lifetime Warranty
Over 99% UV Blocking
Heat Rejection: 31%

Madico Charcool 35 PS SR

Lifetime Warranty
Over 99% UV Blocking
Heat Rejection: 41%

Madico Wincos 30 PS SR

Lifetime Warranty
Over 99% UV Blocking
Over 90% Infrared Rejection
Heat Rejection: 60%

Boat & Marine

Window tinting isn't just for cars and trucks. Our products are perfect for watercraft of all kinds. A tinted film is a great way to keep your cabin cool in the hot sun and reduce glare coming off the water.

Fast, Flawless Installation

Installation is quick and easy, and we always deliver flawless results. Our highly trained technicians use proven techniques to minimize dirt and ensure the film goes all the way to the edge of your windows. Contact us today for a free quote, and we'll set up an appointment at a time that's convenient for you.

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